Equipped to Fail

by Asado

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Rad Religion
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Rad Religion Every aspect of this album rips. Love the band and everything they've put out. Favorite track: Equipped to Fail.
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Jeevz Gotta support Canadian skatepunk! Love these guys. Favorite track: Equipped to Fail.
Shaleem Hosein
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Shaleem Hosein Catchy, propulsive music that maintains a welcome indie-rock sound. Highly-competitive without sounding glossy or overproduced. Can't wait to see them live.
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    "Equipped To Fail" is the second full length album by this awesome technical and melodic punk rock band. Armed with their powerful signature voice, punishing rhythm section and remarkably tight twin guitar attacks they blast out 13 brand new songs.

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"Equipped To Fail" is the second full length album by this awesome technical and melodic punk rock band. Armed with their powerful signature voice, punishing rhythm section and remarkably tight twin guitar attacks they blast out 13 brand new songs.


released May 15, 2013

Rob Daniels: Vocals
James Ferreira: Drums
David Lemieux: Guitar
Jason Krahn: Guitar
Eric Sigurdson: Bass

Recorded December 2010 - December 2012 at Private Ear Studios, Jay's House, Jay's Other House, Box Factory Studios, Rob's Basement, Dave's Basement, Dustin Jackson's Studio.
Engineers: Jason Krahn, Rob Daniels, Jared Weiss, Dan Krawetz
Drum tracking assisted by Neil Cameron and John Paul Peters at Private Ear Studios
Mixed by Rob Daniels
Mastered by Scott Pinder, Polyphonic Mastering, scpinder@shaw.ca
Cover Design by Joseph Irizarry, madsketcher.deviantart.com
Photos by Heidi Tessmann Krahn
Layout by Eric Sigurdson



all rights reserved


Asado Winnipeg, Manitoba

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Track Name: The First Step
The First Step
The first step starts deep inside of me. I got to recognize the fear that I might lose the balance I‘ve accepted however sought in vain. I’m not claiming righteousness or intellect. I only hope that we can find some inspiration from the ones taking back the streets. When the lights go out and you’re laid to rest will you be safe to say you breathed a single breath of air not filled with empty words akin to negativity because it enslaves. Don’t’ keep telling me I’m not equipped to speak how the fuck I want. I express by my own means. I thought I said this all before? There’s bigger things than you and me. I don’t pretend that I can see. I express myself by any way I fucking please. The misguided lines that no one will hear or feel drown beneath an undertow. Our whole hearts remain not lost in the grave and sad state that we have all endorsed. The message is lost but somehow we spit them out without a thought. I wonder how we can say we care. The next step takes more getting used to. Tie a string around our finger. Shake the feeling of being wide asleep and as the sedation wears you can breathe.
Track Name: Equipped to Fail
Equipped to Fail
She brought a family of 15 to the city from the reservation. The kids all tried to find a place where they’d fit amidst the viscous isolation they fought a lifetime drowning in. They remember all the times of being left out of the love with no one else. They’ll remember all the nights they spent trying to cope with drink, the pain inside, a bottle they spent drowning, the drugged and blacked out nights. She only wanted something better for kids and for her life. Hold onto this inside until breaks (you). Don’t let me burn. I’m not equipped to feel. The years of drowning of lives still haunt you deep inside. You’ll bury all the times they made you hurt inside. No memory like this could make you justify the years of drowning lives. She said “don’t look back. Keep straight ahead. You’ll find your way. You’ll find yourself” She brought a family of 15 to the city from the reservation. The kids all tried to find a place where they’d fit amidst the viscous isolation they fought a lifetime drowning in.
Track Name: The King Died Today
The King Died Today
The king died today. The media exploits all the negative reproach that makes us all devotes to not giving a shit for reality. I see my daughter gripped in the wave of a med-iatric séance. Blinded and hypnotized as I afford the nerve to turn away. Let’s take a second to reflect on what we’re seeing now. A perpetuating illusion. Part of the procedure is the normalization of the horrors against lesser humans and to saturate empathy for state cops killed in the line of duty (duty to murder). Let’s take a second to reflect on what we’re seeing now, a perpetuating illusion that we all own. It’s who we are and what we choose. It’s our own choice. So take a giant leap and leave it all behind the things you’re stuffing in your head. Don’t let the blissful and indifference impair you will to clear and shake your head. There’s something soothing laying blissfully indifferent staring at TV screens.
Track Name: Without a Choice
Without a Choice
I close my eyes and try to listen. The message broadcasted is encrypted to defeat individual thought. Doesn’t seem like we're trained to breathe and think the same participate in vain - I think we are all insane. Falling in line is fucking easy when you got no choice or knew of nothing else. And we go on and on with worthless things that makes us who we are and how we live. We keep them close to home. Now that we know the story is false and all the players played their parts to serve some final destination of complete control and mass slavery – now in fruition; these master plans – we’ll be a part of it: no escape we’re all plugged in… And we go on and on with worthless things that makes us who we are and how we live. We keep them close to home. Pull the blankets overhead and pray. You’ll sleep through the worst of it all. And if you take that stance then you’re just as bad as them, if not worst, without a choice. I say we take a more desperate approach without too much thought. Like a grenade exploding, we'll pick up the pieces and learn something new.
Track Name: Disconnect
The only thing left here to do is make the best of it while we can all still swim. The storm is closing in on us and by the looks of things right now, we don’t stand a chance. It’s time we started thinking straight. It’s time we pulled the blinders off and made an honest effort here and disconnect. Dare I spell it out; we lose with the complacency you still pull each other’s eyes out to keep protected. But now I will refrain from this unbalanced way of life. No better time than now to leave all behind and look ahead. We only got a few years left to accept that we can make it our alive if we believe we got something deep inside. So it’s time to fight back and get back up on our feet. We can still breed something sustaining that everyone inherently owns from the moment that you were born.
Track Name: R.O.A.S.T.
I didn’t let it take me but it almost did. I can feel it gripping everyday.
Track Name: Occupation 101
Occupation 101(.com)
The brave and tireless corporate armies running small children into landfill graves. A population control disguised as “threat control” to protect the homeland. And we give in. No one dare oppose them. We love our self-interests. They drop bombs, poison wells, shoot kids and block all aid; Justified terrorists, terror state, and holocaust. No you won’t see this, not here at home. No child is left behind to roost any revenge. They got the angles covered. They got the scores all fixed. They got us all distracted. We love our self-interests. They block all the exits with their armies that will fucken kill you.
They’re building prison systems and shutting down the schools; brand new communities to hold if you’ll approve (and you’ll approve). They keep this system running with no one making waves, rocking boats or fighting back; suppressing what we say. They’ve paralyzed all self-defence a named it Enemy because self-defence is “terrorism” in gated communities. They’ve already begun. We’ve already given in allowing them into our homes and bar-coding our families. No one here gets out alive so step in line or be reduced to barren land. The streets fill with orphaned kids; faces stained with blood and tears... Only a moment’s time to mourn the loss of mom and dad before they are all extinct.
Track Name: Horrible Truths
Horrible Truths
How can we let this end without the necessity to drag shit out we don’t know. Your innocence is no more than ignorance. How I’d love to hold you in protection saving you from horrible truths. You’ve always pointed and laughed at. How desperate these days grow in the midst of our great collapse and evolution. But we’ll get a glimpse of a different side and a different story. No morning glory. No anxious days of regret. I hope I’m fucken wrong for the sake of my own innocence. But this is not anything new or insightful. The scariest parts will be the desperate positions thrown on us. Seeing friends and family dying to survive. The hardest part will be to stay well-armed with a strong mentally and not to sell your soul, not to be afraid, not to quiet down and fight for what you love. Reality looks better on TV where melodramatic robots play. Take a vote. We interact dissolved in content of what we think we know.
Track Name: Safety Zone
Safety Zone
Your mother leads with no direction. No resolve, no end to feeling helpless and an outcast when the loudest cries mean shit. Locked inside the bitter envy of everything that you thought “crazy”, when growing up. We when we grew up. Take a deep breath and relax. Don’t throw away these lives because they’ll understand. Wait until tomorrow.So desperate. Why are you so surprised with what you see? It doesn’t have to be so far between. Don’t throw away the lives you’ve so entrusted because they all understand. Home is not a safety zone. So broken by the things we loathe.
Track Name: Pelting Lies
Pelting Lies
We’ve lost another war that no one knows we are fighting in. We’ll go on with covered eyes held tight against the pelting lies. I’ll take a breath and relieve you of everything you’ve grown to love. You’ll take two steps back and try to fight me to forget what you’ve just been told. The bright radiation of TV spills seeping shit intoxicating. You say “fuck you. You are going insane”. The shades hold strong, and ignorant at the fact that you live in content so willingly. It won’t make sense until it’s gone and we’ve lost all will to resolve. When there’s not much left to do we’ll have proved ourselves enslaved... With a satisfied expression we grow very cold and sinister and self-fulfilled, unknowingly we fall. Strung along within the wash and some phoney cause. Don’t lie down and takes this easy. Rebuild yourself. It’s your right. Stop running into these dead ends. Your bruised head from blind collision represents the bright radiation of TV. Still seeping shit intoxicating you. Have you ever realized or evaluated different ways of thinking that we can exist? Let your feelings drive you somewhere you would not expect to change your everything (what?)
Track Name: Go on Believing
Go on Believing
If anyone’s listening they’ll probably forget it. If anyone is searching they’ll give in without question. Breaking away from a tidal wave of thoughts isn’t hard as your attempts to run away again. No self indulgent mask will make you feel completely sane when all alone you isolate your cure. Because when you run, you get caught. Go on believing like you’ve always done before felling so complete with what we’ve got no air of care for reality; your digging holes you can’t climb back out from.
Track Name: Magnets
The moments we devoted feeling empty and alone. A stone’s throw from a healthy mentality. I got problems. Self-esteem but they won’t get the best of me. I’m stretching thin to make some sense of me. The waters run deep within me. The art of masking saved some dignity and kept the pricks away when I was weak. We celebrate tortured kids who never wanted to fit in when everyone was busy being cool. Fix yourself. Start over. Your will to wait is over. I never cared that you thought this was weakness. It was such a lost cause, your silenced empty words. We’re worse off. Now your life has shifted. I take the lion’s share minus the drugs. I realized it was dead. I cared but not completely in this culture of fear. Who could care really. It just wasn’t us. My empty stare escapes the pain. I’ve fast tracked all these tears away, instead of sinking deep into the sand. Stagnant reveries of weapons filled with apathy. The weapons that created me.
Track Name: Stronger than the Rest
Stronger than the Rest
My dear sister rips a hole in her career to feed a midnight fix while my little niece is left ashamed and all alone. Without a home. Only a shelter from the cold. Only a place she thought that could exist. A place where faceless assholes who beat the shit out of mom or attempt to rid her of her innocence. My older brother, he was my best friend. He’s on this dangerous road waiting for an end. Making means to bitter ends; holding on to grey skies; he never found a release to move on. I guess there ain’t enough words to show you how it feels; only that it hurts to care. I’ll keep dreaming of ways to get through to you. To my mom, whose just as lost as us, who never felt resolve to life born of…